I met Jason at ICON (Infusionsoft’s annual conference in 2016). Jason built, grew and sold his agency. Since then, Jason has worked with over 10,000 agencies in 23 countries and wanted him to share some of his story. During the video today, Jason talks about what separates successful people and ultimately how you gain significance (in a good way) by creating others success. If you look for it, there is always a solution to figure it out.

I love the quote he shares “The grass is greener on the side you water.”

As you are looking at growing, depending on where you are… the systems reset as you keep growing. To learn the 8 systems to help you grow your agency, visit https://jasonswenk.com/playbook.

Thanks for the inspiration you shared Jason.

Before you do anything… ensure you and your team have a home story. To learn about a home story for your company, set up a “what keeps you up at night” call.

I encourage you to find your home story and will continue to inspire you to #enjoylifedaily.