I met up with Erin in Utah last year when we were both speaking at an entrepreneurship conference. She speaks in terms of systems and I reached out to her the other day to share her approach to building systems to support your business. She recommends finding the pain points in your business and start there to create a system around. You don’t need a ton of systems, to start…the ones that challenge. She also shares a great Acronym for A.D.D. that each entrepreneur can adopt to help grow their business. Enjoy watching and to contact Erin, visit http://www.business-made-simple.com/

Thanks for sharing your expertise Erin!

Before you put in systems, you need to know how they will work together with the messaging you offer. Do you have a home story? Before you do anything… ensure you and your team have a home story. To learn about a home story for your company, set up a “what success looks like” call.

I encourage you to find your home story and will continue to inspire you to #enjoylifedaily.