Todd Jirecek from Website Marketing Pros ( is a conversion optimization expert. He has been studying SEO, PPC and other marketing strategies since 1993. He looks at your Marketing from a holistic point of view and can help plug holes in your website so that others can take more action.

Couple things I can say about Todd, is that he is informed.

1. He knows his stuff about Marketing and was sharing many of his case studies of clients he helped with almost a 7x multiple for one client. For every $1 a client spent, they got $7 back.
2. He cares. As we spoke, he gave his professional opinion on my site and gave me several suggestions on improving. Despite the many videos I have been doing, it hasn’t yielded much in conversion and in a few moments, he shared why. Thanks Todd!

In this video, Todd encourages you to never give up. As an entrepreneur, it can be very easy to say, forget it…it’s another thing to say, keep going.

To learn more about Todd, visit

Making sure everything flows together so everything is concise and consistent. Many companies are still winging much of their selling and Marketing.
Do you have a home story? Before you do anything… ensure you and your team have a home story. To learn about a home story for your company, set up a “what success looks like” call.

I encourage you to find your home story and will continue to inspire you to #enjoylifedaily.