You are the face of your company. This means that your client’s experience is largely a reflection of the quality and passion you bring to your job. How you show up influences the client’s experience and shapes any future interactions you may have.

Show up with Quality

How you show up is how your client perceives you. Your client must feel that you bring something to the table and that you mean something to them. If you come in with creative ideas and new thoughts, offer an outside perspective in an important decision, you are showing your quality to your client.

Show up prepared; show up confident; show up read to work hard for the client, not just for the paycheck.

Show up with Passion

How you show up is how the client perceives you. Clients can sense how you feel about what you are doing. If you come into work ready to face challenges, to have fun, and to excel, your clients will feel this energy and are more likely to return those feelings. Whereas, if you come into work expecting things to go wrong and be frustrating to you and your clients, you and your client are more likely to see the downside.

External circumstance can have a major effect on your level of engagement with the client; this will inevitably hinder the client’s experience. How much are you allowing outside circumstances to affect your performance at work? We all have lives outside of work that are demanding and affect our work each day, both personally and professionally. The goal is to acknowledge when your emotions have been compromised by an external circumstance so you can make the conscious decision to refresh and refocus on the present moment. Your emotions influence your ability to stay focused, to present your service/product, to communicate and to relate to the client. So consciously choose positive emotions over negative ones.

Show up ready to work; show up with quality; show up with passion.


Amalia had just purchased her first home, and was excited to share the news during a meeting the next day at work. She was in an incredible mood when she woke up, spent a few extra minutes putting her outfit together, and greeted everyone she met as she walked into work. Everyone around her could sense that she was having an emotional high; it wasn’t that she was typically in a bad mood, this was just extraordinary. She radiated happiness and good vibes. She shares her great news with everyone at the meeting, which breaks the ice and allows her to ask valuable questions and make a great impression. The client then asks her to prepare a proposal. Thanks to how she showed up, the client fed off of her excitement, and created a level of comfort with her. They are now highly enthusiastic about the proposal. How she showed up helped her gain a client and show off some of her skills — it might have even helped pay for that new house.

Quick Tip

Before you step into a meeting with a client, make sure you have the following:

  • A good attitude
  • A refreshed appearance
  • Good preparation
  • Creativity
  • New ideas

How You Show Up Is How Your Client Perceives You

You may have had someone perceiving you incorrectly. However, you need to actively put your better foot forward and make conscious changes if you feel you are constantly misperceived. If you are stuck for ways to show up with creative ideas or new ideas, look through my blog here or my YouTube Channel for some great tips. Keep checking back as I add new contently weekly.

In the meantime, I invite you to call me for a 25-minute complementary chat if you are still experiencing trouble with how to show up.

I encourage you to enjoy life daily.