Daily Dashboard

Start achieving your selling goals by focusing on simple daily steps.

Manage your sales day with this time management tool.

In 2008, I created the first version of the sales dashboard. I had too many prospects to keep track of, in my head. Over the last 10 years, I have added 25+ other dashboards to help myself and others keep track of their daily tasks so it gets out of your head and more importantly gets done. This first dashboard helps you to create a daily “sales rhythm.”  Instead of work day and night, night and day…you can leave work at work knowing you have accomplished your top priorities to help on your path to double sales.

I created the daily dashboard to create the sales habits I would need to increase sales with less effort.

The daily dashboard is a simple one sheet that you can print out and write on and use every day. It’s designed so you focus on the top priorities for each day. When you break your goals into these buckets you can stay focused on the right priorities. You work in a concise way so you can gauge your business and also helps you create a habit.

After enough application, you can graduate to other dashboards, start working on mastering and using this. There are plenty more that I can share.


Break the habit of overwhelm and reclaim your life

Inefficiency can cause you to lose some serious time. Fortunately, cultivating good habits can help you to avoid inefficiency. Mark talks about how the Daily Dashboard can help you to choose a good habit you want to cultivate. You will focus on achieving it one step at a time using the Dashboard’s quarterly goal, monthly theme weekly focus and daily action plan. 3:03 length.