Daily Dashboard

Start achieving your business goals with a few simple daily steps.

Manage your business systems through this time management tool.

As an entrepreneur, I felt I needed to work day and night, night and day. As a result, I would work each day and was very reactionary. I finished each day and didn’t know what I even did that day. I was doing things because they were on my list of things to do. I saw a quote by Dan Sullivan that really puts this into perspective. “Make more by working less.” This could be make more…money, or progress or impact by working less in…day-to-day minutia, forced progress… “I’m just going to force this to happen” or even just plain unfulfilling work.

That’s why I created the daily dashboard.

The daily dashboard is a simple one sheet. It’s a simple one sheet that you write on, not a fancy app, or website or even a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tool. They are simple boxes that tie everything into a one sheet. It is profound how your concepts come together so easily once you get the perspective. You work in a concise way so you can gauge your business and also helps you create a habit.

After enough application, you can tie in the various aspects into a website dashboard or CRM tool but you need to know what is important to gauge first!

The daily dashboard allows you to run your business largely through remote control.


Break the habit of overwhelm and reclaim your life

Inefficiency can cause you to lose some serious time. Fortunately, cultivating good habits can help you to avoid inefficiency. Mark talks about how the Daily Dashboard can help you to choose a good habit you want to cultivate. You will focus on achieving it one step at a time using the Dashboard’s quarterly goal, monthly theme weekly focus and daily action plan. 3:03 length.


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