Continue to add value to your clients because it is so important in creating a lasting relationship. Adding value is value that clients see value in, not what you think is adding value. The key is to be visibly relevant to your clients.

How can you do that?

Be visibly relevant to your client by consistently communicating information that helps grow business. Competition is fierce, so stand out from all of the others by offering them relevant communication that adds value to their business.

Being & Staying Visibly Relevant

The service industry barrier to entry is low, but the competition is fierce. Not only are you competing with other companies for their budget dollars, you are now facing competition from many other business expenses that can deliver a return on investment. There are more businesses vying for the client’s attention, not to mention being contacted through many of the communication platforms (phone, email, text, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest and whatever else is just around the corner).

Therefore, you and your company have an increasingly complex job of staying visible among the competition. Offering relevant communication that stands out among all of the other messages will keep you visible.

Become the expert to your client by communicating relevant information regarding marketing and advertising. This shouldn’t take any extra time if you are following topics of interest to you because you will already be reading and learning the information to pass on to clients – you can even do this on some of those platforms we talked about above, specifically LinkedIn.

To demonstrate, Lon Safko in Tucson combined the elements of traditional and digital media. He coined the phrase “tradigital marketing.” He is actively involved in learning and reading about it and therefore communicating relevant information about the topic. He shares the information in the community and positions himself as the expert of the niche and offers value to businesses requesting help. This provides a service to customers by helping them stay informed of new trends.

Communicate only relevant information to your client. In this way clients will learn to take you and your information seriously, and will actually open up the emails you send. When you add value to their business in a way they see value, you stay much more visibly relevant to helping their business grow. This is what puts you above the competition.
How to Stay Visibly Relevant

To take advantage of all the information you are collecting through books, articles, events, and personal experience you decide to create a monthly newsletter/blog to provide relevant information to your clients. The objective of the newsletter is to offer free tips and information to help clients make or save more money. The newsletter/blog not only provides the information, but also helps business owners apply it to their business.

Each month, the people who receive your emails will be reminded of the value you add to their businesses.

Start Soon

There are a few things you will need to think about when you considering staying visibly relevant:

  • Remember the phrase “quality over quantity.” Owners are overwhelmed with information so send over information that is extremely relevant to them and check in to make sure your value is their value.
  • If your client/prospect is out of town but doing business in your city, be the go to “market competitive guy” that sends market/competition information.

Start Now

Of course, while you are trying to stay relevant to your clients, you also need to provide them with the best possible results and work. I post my top sales tips to my Growing Sales blog. Visit to learn how to increase sales, talk to prospects with a compelling message and more. Feel free to share my blog with your sales team. Perhaps they’ll try my suggestions and everyone gets to benefit!

I encourage you to enjoy life daily.