Embracing the CEO mindset leads to a unique perspective on the business world. This perspective helps you optimally run your business and can help you understand some of the concerns and challenges your clients will face.

Business owners have many responsibilities, and those responsibilities can be both exciting and scary. Instead of beginning your own company, there is another option that includes becoming a business owner of a company called “You, Inc.” You have the opportunity to become CEO minded in your existing company and reap many of the same rewards that business owners enjoy – without the pressures of owning your own company. By becoming CEO minded, it allows you an opportunity to boost productivity, increase income, and even have more freedom.

It all depends on what you seek.

This discipline gives you great practice as you consider your aspirations for your future career. You may decide you want to become a manager, or maybe you wish to start your own company. By embracing the “You, Inc” philosophy you can enjoy the opportunities and challenges that help foster learning and enjoy your objective thanks to a more concentrated focus.

When you are effectively hitting your revenue goals, you can truly take the time to do more of the things you want to do. When you are operating your own business, you seek more ways to make money, focus on tools to help you eliminate daily stress, and create opportunities to take more time off to recharge.

Illustration Checklist

Think about the list of clients/prospects as if you are running your own company. In that mindset, you are thinking more like a CEO than a salesperson:

  • You measure important statistics (phone calls each day, potential prospects) to further optimize your time and income.
  • You diligently track your calls and begin identifying inefficiencies.
  • You report in your own sales dashboard that tracks everything from what is pending to ongoing tasks.
  • You create templates for repeatable tasks, such as presentations.
  • Each template has specific fields allowing you to modify presentations to easily fit individualized client objectives in a simplified form. This prevents you from recreating the wheel each time.
  • You know your numbers (call value per call, prospects in pipeline and pipeline timeline) well enough to know the value of your time.
  • You invest in hiring someone to do tasks that are repeatable (such as creating presentations).
  • You also invest in educational seminars you are interested in to help you become better at what you do.
  • You realize an investment in “You, Inc.” has a great ROI.


Quick Tip

Invest in inexpensive tools, find free tools or create your own forms/spreadsheets that help you compile all information in one area so that it is easy to find and duplicate. You can create a simple Excel sheet and begin to track daily calls to help measure and keep track of important items. these tools and have a great database to import from.

You could have a tab for each of your clients with all the necessary information, including: 1) communication style, 2) birthday, 3) times you called a certain client that connect, 4) your average cost per client, 5) frequency of purchase, etc..

Eventually, you can add all of those field into an amazing tool like infusinonsoft.com that allows you to capture the important information in one place that also allows email sequence automation.

Your Next Step

I invite you to focus on creating You, Inc. and working with some of the tools mentioned above. Call me for a 25-minute complementary chat. Keep your eyes on the blog for more content like this!

I encourage you to enjoy life daily.