outˈrājəs’lē/ adverb
very bold, unusual, and startling.

Prospects and clients notice when you prospect outrageously, present outrageously, and communicate outrageously. Surprise people outrageously. Use new techniques and strategies that most people don’t normally use to get you noticed.

Do things outrageously.

They Do Things Outrageously

Doing the same thing that everyone else is doing to sell themselves to every business owner or client is mundane – for both you and the client. You have to stand out to get noticed by business owners. When you think outside the box and do things outrageously, you get noticed. Get noticed by the right prospects in the right way, you end up standing out from the crowd and, in the process, create a client because clients vote with their wallets.

By incorporating outrageous ideas to your top prospects, you can demonstrate ways that help you get noticed. Seth Godin discussed how “safe is risky” in his book The Purple Cow. It is important to push the envelope by doing something just a little bit different than everyone else.

A great demonstration of this example is Tom’s, a shoe company. Tom’s Shoes donates one pair of shoes for every pair of shoes purchased. As of February 2015, over 35,000,000 pairs of shoes have been given to children under the One for One movement since Tom’s launched in 2006. Giving away shoes for each one purchased is outrageous. Tom’s is “something to someone” and blossomed into an incredible company by putting contribution to the greater good at the forefront of the business model. Being outrageous gets noticed and discussed.


A prospect plans to host a raffle to promote a charity, and you can win some of the business to help promote the raffle. In the official raffle, each ticket is $100. For the presentation, you take in a mock $100 bill (with the prospects logo on it) and mock tickets to create your own mock raffle at the end of the meeting to stand out. At the beginning of the meeting, you give the mock $100 bill to the prospect and explain you’ll give further instruction. You have the meeting and present your ideas to help them sell more REAL raffle tickets.

To be outrageously remembered, at the end of the meeting, you offer to sell your mock tickets to the client for their mock $100 bill. You draw the winning mock ticket and surprise, surprise the client wins. The prize they win is something that is uniquely appropriate to their tastes because you have found that they are fans of a particular sports team. You outrageously present an idea, stand out from the competition, and win the business.

Start Soon

Think through how sales people have gotten your attention in the past to engage your creativity. Watch Kenny Brooks Door to Door Salesman video.

Here are some great ideas:

  • Mail a picture frame to your prospect with a picture of you and a note that reads: “I wanted to get in front of you for an exciting opportunity.”
  • Send your prospect a Yo-Yo and ask if they are tired of sales going up and down.
  • Send a shoe that says “I want to get my foot in the door.” (Maybe you could even pick up a pair of Tom’s shoes and another pair would go to a child in need.)
  • Send a clock that says “I value your time and I will make the meeting worth your while.”

Start Now

How can you do things outrageously? Think about it for a few days, and later this week, check out my YouTube Channel for a video with some of my ideas. Comment below with some of your most outrageous strategies.

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I encourage you to enjoy life daily.