Over the past 25 years, John Arnott has successfully, started, built and ultimately sold 3 small businesses. Today, he leads a team dedicated to helping small business owners grow their business using digital marketing. He took the lessons learned and wrote the book Content First Marketing. That book became the foundation for the methodology he and his team uses when helping small business owners grow their business.

Please visit to learn more about the systems John learned and is now applying to Content First. Visit his site here ContentFirst.Marketing (yes, there is no dot com, it’s content first dot marketing)

  • Inspiration (0:32): It began 20 years ago and it was 2 companies in particular that shaped the current one. In the first one, he was a solo-preneur doing everything and struggled with Marketing. After he merged with a company they created a solid foundation which helped him eventually sell the company. As that was growing he started asking himself how could he use more digital marketing in a business?
  • Focus (4:00, 5:40): Avoid the urge to chase every opportunity
  • Encouragement (7:45): Trust your instincts

If you have been in business over 10 years and/or doing 1 million or more in revenue, I would love to share your story. Please select a time here for your 20 minute recording.

I encourage you to find your home story and that it will continue to inspire you to #enjoylifedaily.